All human behavior is mating-driven, drive it with butea superba and tongkat ali

By Ken Moore

Survival of the fittest is not the underlying principle of evolution.

Much rather, the reproduction of the one with the best sexual strategy determinrs procreation and future generations.

Let others be the fittest heroes, I am a coward and sleep with the widows.

Just an example.

As a man, you should aim to have ad many children as possible. Sooner or later, there will be reverse bio-engineering, and they will recreate you from the averaged DNA off all your offspring. The more you have, the more precise the resurrected you.

Just kidding.

Once I am dead, I don't want to be alive again.

Not as a DNA strain anyway.

Another idea is more appealing: that sex doesn't only result (well, sometimes) in DNA replicas, but also in accumulated karma, or a soul. And the more good sex you have, the better your karma, the stronger your soul.

Your karma or soul is like a piggy bank. Ordinary sex only adds 1 or 2 cents. And exceptionally good sex can be like a 100-dollar billing going onto the slot.

There are many twists to this religion. The more unlikely the event, the more karma it generates. Great sex at age 70, or 80, builds more karma than great sex at age 20 or 30. Likewise, for the older participant, sex with a much younger partner counts more than sex with a person of about the same age. Sex outside marriage with a Muslim woman in Saudi Arabia gives you more karma than the same event in South Africa. Just be careful that it won't be your last sex.

Is there eternal life? Eternal life of the soul? Why not? Humans should get that idea out of their heads that they understand everything.

Does higher algebra exist in the orbir of earthworms, even though earthworms don't understand it? The algebra exists, even though earthworms have no idea about it. They would need a million times more intelligence.

I am pretty sure, there are other things to understand about the world that require a million times more intelligence than humans, even human geniuses, possess.

Don't put too much trust on human knowledge. Most things, we simply don't know, and cannot know. Concentrate on your emotions, not on your reasoning.

And just believe what the prophet says: the better your sex, the stronger your soul.

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